5 Reasons You Need Great Design

You’ve got an awesome business. You’re taking new clients, but could totally use more. You’re doing everything right, except, your logo and/or social media content and/or ads just aren’t getting hits. Here are 5 Reasons You Need Great Design, right now.


1. Build Brand Awareness & Continuity 

Did you know that the Nike Swoosh was drawn up in 1971? That means we’ve been recognizing Nike for that simple (yet beautiful) design for nearly 50 years. Needless to say, great design is timeless and can keep your brand in the spotlight for many years to come. You should be able to use your logo over and over again, creating a narrative that gives you total control over your brand and message. This is what great design is made for.

2. You Get What You Pay For


It’s an old saying, but it’s true. If you’re feeling hesitant about paying a high price for a designer, consider this - you’re not necessarily paying for their time, you’re paying for their expertise. Design is a uniquely nuanced field where artists simultaneously meet the requests of their clients while keeping a steady eye on market trends and popular demand, all while being skilled craftsmen. Someone offering their services for a deeply discounted rate probably doesn’t know what they’re doing, so it will cost you more time and money (and a big headache) in the long run.

3. Rise Above Your Competition

I bet you have a company that sells an awesome product, or offers a phenomenal service, but you’re not getting as many clients as you should because you’ve got competition. As technology makes our world smaller, competition for business is increasing. One of the primary functions of design is to showcase your company and your company values to put you above the rest. Great design will make you more noticeable, more memorable, and make you stand out from your competition.

4. Images Are Powerful

People respond to images on social media more than they respond to words. There’s a reason why we’re all scrolling infinitely through Facebook and Instagram rather than reading those lengthy (but important) articles. Images are a faster way to interpret information in this digital age, and they are incredibly powerful. When your designer builds images for social media content, they’re not selling your product per se. They’re selling a lifestyle, an attitude, or the brand’s message by weaving in subtle and specific design choices into those images. We all know about the way political propaganda works, and how dangerous it can be, and while your brand may not have an extreme or political message, the same basic principles still apply.

5. Invest in the Future of Your Business

If you take your business seriously, then you should take your design seriously too. Treat your designer and designs as an investment, because they are. If done properly, great design will last you many years and will pay for itself in no time. We’ve all seen those embarrassingly awful logos and commercials - you don’t want to be that guy. Great design brings in new clients by making your brand recognizable, and keeps old clients by maintaining a solid and dependable brand. Don’t be afraid of making this investment, because great design will end up being a rock for your business.


Now, go get yourself a cute designer and watch the magic happen!