Artist Statement

Material study, experimentation, and play are essential to the processes in which I create art. My work is always generative of itself – I implement new forms that emerge from the breakdown of previous forms into new pieces, often repeating them in patterns or as pieces to a larger whole. I often implement grids and multiples. The grid functions as a system of organization to catalogue information, and as a metaphor for societal and political structures. As it breaks down and rebuilds, bends and transforms, I am questioning the lifecycle of societal structures and what happens to culture as it endures processes of construction and destruction. This vigorous repetition of process to each piece emphasizes the anxieties towards an emerging cultural identity crisis in globalization, which has been aided by quickly advancing technology. A recent resurgence of handmade items in response to the history of homogenous manufacturing speaks of the current power struggles among social classes. My work translates these concepts in sculptures and prints in which I discuss the production, distribution, and consumption of material objects. Similar themes appear in my cultural research where I critique pop culture through visual analysis.