Website Building - Squarespace Platform


Website Building - Squarespace Platform

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Whether you are a small business selling products, an author promoting your blog, or a performer looking for gigs, everyone needs a website. A personal/business website will grab the attention of future employers and is a clean way to keep your portfolio up to date. I know because I've built many of them, and I've seen the impact. You’ll have the confidence of working with an experienced designer and official Squarespace Circle Member for a stress-free online presence that saves you time, and makes you look awesome.

You get:

  • Complimentary prep call so that we can discuss your brand & needs

  • A customized, beautiful, and professional 4 page website built on the Squarespace platform

  • Stock images that accurately represent you and your business

  • Streamlined Social Media connectivity and Email Subscription capabilities

  • Increased traffic through strong SEO strategy and mobile support

  • 20% off of the Squarespace platform initial launch

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