in the Blue

For nearly the whole month of Oct. I was living on a boat off the coast of Svalbard on residency. Here is one of the three projects I worked on, upcoming exhibition TBD. Scroll to the very bottom to read about how this piece was made.


This installation was made by cutting up a foil safety blanket and wrapping it around rocks and ice that were found on site. This work was leave-no-trace and site specific, causing no additional damage to the environment. While this is still a work in process, these pieces seem to claim home everywhere, and yet don’t belong anywhere either. I am constantly thinking about strangers in a foreign land, home, migration, and identity that individuals gather from the spaces that they occupy.

Original Proposal Abstract (from my application):

New Masculine Identity - Crisis in a Globalized World is a project that explores the identity crisis of masculinity in white millennial American men. This project is two-fold with anthropological research occurring in the rust belt region of the US and accompanying artwork and research in the Arctic Circle. Working in these vastly different places will allow me to examine the correlations between identity and climate change. I theorize that millennial American men are experiencing a crisis in masculine identity from the combined rise in popularity of green energy due to climate change, increased automation in manual labor work, and the promotion of a globalized cultural identity through social media. With the use of an allegorical grid, I will apply ethnography and visual analyses to understand the trajectories of the formation and perpetuation of normative American masculine identities, and how those narratives are being redefined. Upon completion, I will have writing for publication as well as a body of mixed digital media artwork for exhibition. I hope to answer questions about preserving culture in a digital age and understanding masculine identity in a globalized social economy during environmental change.

Moving Forward

I am still thinking about the ideas in my original proposal, and will be exploring them throughout the coming year. Research always changes, and while I feel this piece is definitely related, I am thrilled to have found something new and unexpected in the Arctic.

here I am making the installation, what all of us fondly referred to as ‘the potato creatures’

here I am making the installation, what all of us fondly referred to as ‘the potato creatures’