You may have noticed I'm busy.

From working for a small literary press, to owning my own business, to freelancing art & anthropology research, I wear many hats everyday (sometimes literally). Over the years I've gained substantial experience in grant & application writing, building an online presence, and more. If you need help writing a grant proposal, building a website, or running your social media account, please book a call. I would love to work with you! For questions about any of these services or otherwise please email

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Website Building

Whether you are a small business selling products, an author promoting your blog, or a performer looking for gigs, everyone needs a website. A personal/business website will grab the attention of future employers and is a clean way to keep your portfolio up to date. I know because I've built many of them, and I've seen the impact. You’ll have the confidence of working with an experienced designer and official Squarespace Circle Member for a stress-free online presence that saves you time, and makes you look awesome.

You get:

  • Complimentary prep call so that we can discuss your brand & needs
  • A customized, beautiful, and professional 5-7page website built on the Squarespace platform
  • Stock images that accurately represent you and your business
  • Streamlined Social Media connectivity and Email Subscription capabilities
  • Increased traffic through strong SEO strategy and mobile support
  • 20% off of the Squarespace platform initial launch
  • Ongoing support for periodic updates available
  • Payment plans available

To view samples of sites I have built, please check out any of these recent projects:

And of course this one!

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If you just have questions, or are unsure if this is the right fit for you, please fill out the form anyway and we can talk it through, no strings attached.

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Application & Grant Writing One-on-One - Starting at $99

You are an artist, researcher, creative, or small business owner who is ready to push your vision to the next level – but you need some extra help. I’ve totally been there. As an artist and researcher I have applied to many, many residencies and grants. I have received 12 opportunities since 2013 in grants, residencies, and awards for my own independent research and work. If you are an individual who is working on a project that needs grant funding, or are applying to a residency opportunity – this is for you!

If you are an institution or non-profit, please book a call so we can chat about the services I can provide for you.

You Get:

  • A consultation that is specifically designed for creatives and individuals
  • Complimentary 15min prep call so that we can make the most out of our time together
  • 1 hour in person or phone work session
  • Constructive feedback on your written proposal
  • Follow up email with additional resources to help you move forward
  • Positive Vibes & Encouragement to calm your nerves

Social Media & Online Marketing Content - Starting at $500/mo.

Now that we live in a digital world with increased focus on online shopping, social media marketing is absolutely necessary for every business. Growing & maintaining your social media presence is extremely important in order to reach your customers and fans. This service will help you build relationships with your followers, reach new audiences, and maintain full control of your brand with tight, visually stunning, and relevant content.

You Get:

  • Complimentary prep call to discuss your brand & needs
  • Ready to post Custom Images built from scratch that are specific to your brand
  • Includes event advertising and holidays
  • Pricing is flexible depending on your individual needs - let's talk about it!